Professional Editing Services for Fiction, Non-Fiction, and Screenplays

After completing your masterpiece, the first step for many writers is to engage a professional editor to correct spelling and grammar errors and suggest other potential improvements. I am an experienced editor and proofreader, working in United States, United Kingdom, Australian, and New Zealand English at the author’s request.

Unlike many editors, I do not dictate work must be submitted to me in the common .doc/x Word file format, preferring to work in the file format the author is most comfortable with wherever possible. I am able to work with most common file formats on both Mac and PC, including, .doc, .docx, Pages (Mac), Scrivener, and others. My suggestions for improvement are just that, suggestions for the author to accept or reject.

Every editing contract includes an up to one hour video meeting before beginning the edit, to introduce ourselves and gain a clear understanding of the scope of the contract and desired outcomes, plus an up to one hour video meeting on submission of suggested changes, to discuss the changes and logic behind any suggestions. (I do also offer video training sessions for writers wishing to develop their skills.)

Video meetings can be held using Webex, Zoom, Facetime, or other apps upon request.

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